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So The Only Other Thing You Need Is... LEADS!

You can certainly buy leads for $3 or $4 or $5 apiece or more. But ...

  • You'll never REALLY know the lead source.

  • You'll never really know how many competitors get the same names to call.

  • You'll never really know how recent those names are.

  • What you need is your OWN system to generate daily fresh leads for pennies ... a turnkey, state-of-the-art, unified, duplicatable, double opt-in, INEXPENSIVE lead generation system that laser-targets leaders for you & your recruits to sponsor.

  • You need to talk ONLY to pre-sold people who have raised their hand, seriously looking for a way to make extra income from home, so you NEVER have to make a list of your friends & family again.

  • When you generate your own leads, you know everything about them ... WAY better than purchased leads.

  • With our proven system, you can build ANY company! Baskets, candles, nutritionals, cookies, ANY company.

  • The #1 distributor complaint in all of network marketing is "No training!"

  • The #1 distributor request in all of network marketing is "Hot leads!"

With Mentoring For Free, YOU can be a hero. You can plug your people into a 100% tested, dependable system to get fresh, qualified, targeted leads & then completely train THOSE new reps to get them productive.

For only $19.95 a month, Mentoring For Free Lead Generator gives you:

  • Your own branded, lead-generating "Success In 10 Steps" e-book website promoting Michael Dlouhy's new e-book. Do you want leaders? Listen: Leaders are readers. When you can zero in and talk to leaders only, your business gets easier and a lot more fun. This e-book branded with your own personal contact information will bring you your strongest people. You cannot get this e-book anywhere else.

  • Your own branded "MLMLetter" ezine builds YOUR relationship with YOUR prospects. Twice a week your prospects get useful ideas, tools, techniques ... and NO pressure. Just a link to contact YOU for more information. MLMLetter lets you follow up with prospects forever.

  • Autoresponders to send follow-up email to all your prospects, complete with effective messages written by a pro. Use this feature as-is or adapt as you like. We do weekly training calls on using this system.

  • Broadcast To List Function lets you contact your prospects for any reason at any time.

  • Prospects Summary: Lists all prospects in your system from various marketing methods. Includes contact info & source of prospect (e.g., Email Leads, Banner Clicks, Manually Added Prospects, Search Engine Clicks, Tell-A-Friend, etc.)

  • Tell-a-Friend lets you broadcast to old friends or new contacts, 10 at a time. When you meet someone, ask, "Is it OK if I put you in my Tell-a-Friend to tell you about our coaching & mentoring system?" Your email to them includes the link to your doorway page. You know when the email was sent, when they opened it, when they clicked the link and when they opted in on your form.

  • Ad Campaign Manager: Manage, track & evaluate all Ad Campaigns. Create your own ad links for Google, Yahoo, etc. When people click on the link, they go to the doorway page you assigned to that ad. Ad Campaign Manager tracks ad code, ad name, email "opens", link clicks, doorway page, visits, prospects, last visit, last prospect, source of lead, # of minutes they spent on your site, & sign-ups. Pros track their ads. Otherwise, how do you know if the vendor even sent it out? You can test headlines & compare them. Constantly improve your results & become a better marketer. If you don't track ads, you’re going backwards. Ad Campaign Manager puts you in control. You could pay $24.95 a month for this feature-rich system ALONE!

  • Daily Summary: All prospects & ad campaign stats broken down by day of the month

  • Prospect Manager: ALL your leads come to this central location. Search, Add, Export, & Output all your prospects, last contact results, & next scheduled contact. Most people fail in network marketing because they don't follow up. Prospect Manager tells you when to call your leads.

  • Task Manager: Your record of Active, Finished & Expired Tasks. It's your online "To Do" list, a handy, critical feature to keep yourself on target.

  • Phone Script: KEY! You get the exact words to say on the phone when talking to a new, targeted prospect. This script works like crazy.

  • Advertising & Traffic Tips, Ideas & Resources: We're constantly scouring the web for ideas & resources to build your business. As a member of MFF Lead Generator, you get to see the cream of the crop ... including many FREE ways to drive traffic to your doorway page! We have many reps getting 5-10 leads a day or more, 7 days a week, without spending a penny outside this system!

  • Audio Re-play System: We record key trainings so you and your group can hear them at your convenience in your back office.

  • Recommended Vendors: These are people & companies who offer a service we feel may benefit you. NONE of these recommendations are affiliate links. We don't benefit in any way from these recommendations.

Don't bust your budget buying leads. In just 30 minutes, you could be generating your own fresh, high-quality, targeted leads for pennies apiece. Sign up for Mentoring For Free Lead Generator now ... ONLY $19.95 a month.

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