Walter & Julie Reade
MLM Success Story

Wisconsin - Julie and I were married in college. For seven years we lived broke and happy while we finished our undergraduate and then graduate programs. I entered the corporate world, where the money was good and the work was fast-paced.

Over time, though, I noticed two trends. First, the stress and time commitment grew faster than the salary. Worse, I started to see hard-working productive people down-sized when they were too young to retire, but old enough so it was tough to find new employment.

The Time Was Right

Then an old friend moved near where I was working. We had dinner, and he told me about a network marketing company with some impressive technology.

For the first 15 years of marriage, Julie and I avoided network marketing. We had watched family members who had joined a well-known MLM company. They were taught to live beyond their means (fake it 'til you make it), use deceitful recruiting practices, and shun anyone who didn't join their business. After three years of hard work, all they had to show for it was massive debt.

As my friend talked about this company, my natural inclination would have been to blow it off. But the combination of job stress and concern had me open to an alternative. I joined the company on the spot.

We Couldn't Duplicate

Julie and I started building our business. With significant time, travel, expense, and brute force, we started sponsoring people and making a check. But we quickly hit a wall. The people we sponsored could not duplicate our results. We were left with a largely inactive organization.

After we became completely burned out, we joined a different company, more geared towards building on the phone and internet. We made some progress, but it wasn't until we joined Mentoring for Free and learned the skills needed to build a business that our organization really took off.

It's About the System

The reason for the growth in our organization was simple and obvious. We finally had a turn-key SYSTEM that we could teach others to use to grow THEIR organizations. For the first time, the growth of our organization wasn't about us. It was about the SYSTEM.

This is truly significant. Mentoring for Free allows us and others on our team to build our business without having to change who we are. The system is flexible. Anyone can use it and tailor it to their strengths. This is what made network marketing a truly enjoyable experience, rather than drudgery. I have my strengths. Julie has hers. We both use Mentoring for Free successfully.

We enjoy improving our skills. We love helping others learn to build their business. That's the other remarkable thing about Mentoring for Free. We used to view network marketers in other companies as competitors. Now, we absolutely enjoy helping any distributor in any company learn the skills they need to become successful.

What's Next?

Mentoring for Free is the only organization I know of that provides both the foundation for a successful network marketing career as well as the skills required to build on that foundation. Having a coach and mentor take Julie and me by the hand and walk us through the process has been a rewarding experience. Now we are giving back, and we're having more fun than ever.